Laura Gu

  • Category: Piano, Musicianship, Administration
  • Instrument: Piano
  • Teacher Level: Music Teacher

Laura Gu joined the Remuera Music Academy in 2015 where she teaches piano, music theory and aural. Laura holds a Master of Arts in music from the Waikato Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Music in performance at the University of Chengdu. She also holds an Australian Kodály Certificate (Music Education) in Early Childhood Music, Level 2.

Laura began studying piano at the age of four and received top national scholarships during her formal music studies. Studying with Professor Xiumei Li, an experienced piano educator at the Sichuan Conservatory of Music has taught Laura to skilfully communicate her ideas accurately and develop effective ways to teach music. Laura is particularly skilled in teaching piano and music theory to young children and adolescents, with many of her students receiving numerous awards and accolades in recent years.