Prize-winning performance by Trio Achilles

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Please enjoy this prize-winning performance from the Trio Achilles during the NZCT Chamber Music Contest. SHOSTAKOVICH: Piano Trio No 1 in C minor Op 8 Recorded at Michael Fowler Centre,…

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APO Gem Winner

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Our warmest congratulations to Chiron Charitable Trust scholarship holder Damon Herlihy O’Brien, who has won the Gem Section of the Auckland Youth Orchestra 2020 Soloist Competition on Sunday, playing the…

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Celebrating Success

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Students from ASM & RMA's piano department, performance class, and the string department have achieved outstanding results in the recent Ming Classics International Online Competition in Switzerland. The competition received entries from…

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Diane Huh – Chiron’s Young Artist of 2019

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The Sibelius Violin Concerto was written for the virtuoso its composer was unable to become. Sibelius' first love was performance, but, lacking technical mastery with the violin, he instead wrote…

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Early Music “From Another Planet”

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Early music is from another planet, according to acclaimed New Zealand cellist James Bush. He’s recently returned home after 27 years living overseas and joins NZ Barok for a series…

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